“OptiPrax” Erzieherausbildung mit Vergütung

“OptiPrax” Erzieherausbildung mit Vergütung

Since the 2017/2018 school year, we have been offering training positions for state-certified educators.

The training of educators and child care workers has been close to our hearts since our founding in 2009. Now we are breaking new ground and cooperating with the Catholic Academy for Social Pedagogy in Munich and offering training positions according to the model experiment “OptiPrax”.

Detailed information about the academy and “OptiPrax” can be found here.

The training program ends after three years with state recognition as an educator and is divided into theoretical and practical training components. Theory and practice take place in regular weekly alternation.

The training salary is based on the TVAöD-BBiG.

Prerequisites for admission to the Fachakademie:

General or subject-linked (technical) university entrance qualification
– Proof of a 6-week internship in a socio-pedagogical institution (can be arranged by us or completed with us)
– Health and personal aptitude for the profession
– Very good knowledge of German

We offer you:

Qualified practical supervisors for interns
– intensive pedagogical supervision of the facilities
– Guaranteed periods of availability
– advanced training
– company health management
– collegial exchange, also with other interns
– team-oriented working atmosphere, where independence and own ideas are always welcome

To get to know us in advance, we would like to invite you to a “taster day”. Just call us at 089 244 09 611. Please send your application to:

Catholic Academy for Social Pedagogy Munich
Specialist academy of the church foundation under public law “Katholische Bildungsstätten für Sozialberufe in Bayern” (Catholic training centers for social professions in Bavaria)
Theodolindenstraße 24
81545 Munich
Phone: 089/642051-0 daily from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Fax: 089/6423951
E-mail: info@kfaks-muenchen.de


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